Raspberry Pi Zero with OLED Display

Setup Instructions

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Ever wanter to interface an OLED display with Raspberry Pi Zero? you can find the detailed instructions below to understand the concepts and do it your self.

Materials required

  1. A Breadboard (https://amzn.to/2MA9q6f) optional
  2. Power Supply unit (https://amzn.to/2ZhRRyw) or Powerbank
  3. Jumper Wires (http://amzn.to/2txKJuT)
  4. OLED Display(http://amzn.to/2sxy75n)

In this tutorial we are going to make SPI connection between the Raspberry Pi Zero and OLED display. The GPIO pin connection for Raspberry pi Zero and all other model are mostly similar.

oled ssd1306

I used the Oled similar to the one that is shown in the picture above.

Pin Configuration

OLED Pin Name Remark RPi Pin RPi Function
1 GND Ground Pin 6 GND
2 VDD/VCC +5v Power Pin 4 Power
3 SCK Serial Clock Pin 23 GPIO 11 (SCLK)
4 SDA Serial Data Pin 19 GPIO 10 (MOSI)
5 RES RESET Pin 22 GPIO 25
6 DC Data/Command pin 18 GPIO 24
7 CS Chip select Pin 24 GPIO 8 (CE0)

Interested to know additional details about the pin conficuration refer the docs

Connection diagram

pi oled connection diagram

After doing the necessary connection you can turn on the Raspberry pi Zero. SSH into the pi if you connection via remote

You can install luma.led a display driver that helps in programming. docs

pip install luma.oled

I tried to execute some of the sample programme that comes with the library. you can also try the same.

output pizero with oled

For further details you can check my yoututbe video