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Photon Setup

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Particle Photon Setup

Waiting to use photon for the first time? We will start to set up photon.


  1. A Particle Photon Board (
  2. A Breadboard (
  3. USB to micro USB cabel
  4. Power Supply either adapter or powerbank (

Step 1. Get particle ready for connection.

Connect photon with Power Bank through USB to micro USB cable. Micro USB side is connected to photon and the other side is connected to power bank.

Step 2. Sign up and register Photon.

Open the url

Sign up by entering email id and setting up password

Choose Setup Photon and click Next

Click on CONTINUE WITH LOCAL FILES button. photonsetup.html file will be downloaded into your local drive.

Step 3. Final phase.

When you power the Photon, it will act as host with Photon-xxxx as the SSID for the first time. Connect your computer to the Photon... Wi-Fi.

Now your device is validated by photonsetup.html

Connect your photon to the Internet by choosing SSID and password.

When your Photon is ready. You can choose a name for your Photon.

Your Photon is good to go!

Video Demo: